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With 3 majorly successful high-rise projects under their belt; The Craigmore, The Mary Ann, and Point North, BANC Group is well known as both a capable development company, as well as friendly and efficient property managers.


Founded in 1998 by Besim Halef, originally as a steel fabrication company, BANC grew over the years and shifted their focus onto the ever-growing Halifax development landscape. Starting with major land development, Besim and BANC Group were at the helm of developments such as the Bedford Commons, the Mount Royal Subdivision, Rockingham South, and the continually-expanding Bayers Lake Business Park. After years of Project Management experience, and a degree in Industrial Engineering, Besim's son, Alex Halef, shifted his focus in the business towards mixed-use concrete high-rise development. This shift brought upon well known projects such as: The Craigmore, The Mary Ann, and Point North, all of which have been highly successful, well managed, developments that are now pillars of the Haligonian landscape.


The Craigmore | 2014

The first concrete high-rise development by BANC Group, The Craigmore stands tall at 16-stories and is home to the BANC Group head office. Winning several awards from the Canadian Precast Concrete Institute, the building cemented BANC's future in this industry and guaranteed quality developments for Halifax as it continues to evolve.

The Craigmore

The Mary Ann | 2015

The Mary Ann quickly became one of the most sought-after apartment buildings in the core of Halifax and continues, under careful management, to strive to offer the best. As BANC's first mixed-use development, it is currently home to successful businesses that play a part in many residents daily lives.

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The Mary Ann

Point North | 2017

Again, striving to be ahead of the pack, BANC Group carefully timed the development of the North End Staple, Point North, to ensure that it played an integral role in the growth of this fantastic neighbourhood. With 18-stories, shops and restaurants below, this building continues to demonstrate the skill BANC Group has at bringing value to both its residents and the surrounding area. 

Point North

The Margaretta | 2021

The newest undertaking by BANC Group, The Margaretta is a mixed-use high-rise with over 200 residential units, 62 unique floor plans, and over 20,000 square feet of commercial space, all stationed appropriately next to its popular sister site: The Mary Ann. Located one block away from Spring Garden Road, The Margaretta provides incredibly easy access to one of the most popular, and fastest growing, streets in the HRM while also providing residents the feeling of privacy, tucked away off of the main streets. The Margaretta is going to continue to once again push the boundaries of quality development and set new standards in residential living in Halifax.

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The Margaretta
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